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Custom Size Foundation Concrete Blocks For Fencing, Posts, And Sign Boards

At Dana Steel UAE, A Concrete Block is a ‘Building Block’ manufactures entirely by concrete under the fencing division. It is then bonded together with mortar to form an imposing long-lasting structure. These building blocks may be ‘Hollow’ or ‘Solid’ constructed either of ordinary or lightweight concrete in various standardized sizes, depending on specific requirements.

These blocks are sometimes applied as a steel unit for walls, posts, fences, sign boards, partition or walls of panels. These are used in places in which bricks and stones of sufficient quality and strength are not commonly available for stemming but which are very easily accessible.

Concrete Block

Types of Concrete Blocks

These concrete type blocks are also categorized as:

  1. Solid Concrete Blocks

Most often than solids, Hollow concrete blocks are used because:

• Minimize weight overall and are also easier to carry.

• It can be addressed and improved, but also easily fulfils challenging structural needs.

  1. Hollow Concrete Blocks

Owing to its extra weight, solid concrete blocks are exceptional in their everyday use. They call for special criteria, needs and requirements, such as higher fire resistance, when sound absorption is a criterion, or when it is necessary to be impenetrable.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Block Advantages

-Cost-effective relative to other construction material types.

-Lightweight, which is very useful in a job where heavy manual labor is necessary.

-It is also useful to support the cost of power bills as heat- or cold insulation type.

-This is a lasting concrete block, since it is resistant to termites and temperature, in a contrast to wood.

-Versatile: Can use from backyards, partition walls, or even soundproof rooms in a variety of different ways.


The measurements are the length, width, and height of blocks. The nominal dimensions of concrete blocks refer to the term “nominal”. It also refers to measurements that include mortar joint thickening.

The Standard sizes are 600 mm L x 400 mm W x 200 mm H and 500mm L x 400 mm W x 200 mm H. But Dana Steel UAE also undertake special sizes of blocks up to 1000 mm L x 1000mm W x 1000mm (i.e. 1 meter) H.

Others appear to vary greatly because of the contractual arrangement between the buyer and the supplier other than the above described size of the Concrete Block.

Concrete Foundation Blocks

Various Uses of Concrete Blocks

Fences for Security

If you want an easy but efficient means of protecting the location, concrete blocks are great barriers to protection. All of them can be works without requiring to hire guards for various form of special events and buildings.


The concrete block is the ideal material for the construction of walls of retention. It will remove some elements, such as water or unwanted landscape, from areas of your house. In general, its light weight and extremely durable makes it particularly good for the retention of the walls. This combination gives construction workers a much easier job while maintaining a high-quality structure.

Signboards and Posts

The concrete block is a very flexible product, as we have already mentioned. There are countless chances to do what you can do with the signs or posts. This building material provides a great vehicle to accomplish such projects, whether you want a safety board, promotion or advertisement board.