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Roofing Sheets Solutions Comparison – Single Skin Roofing Sheet Vs Insulated Sandwich Panels

Apart from major remodeling projects such as renovating a kitchen or bathroom with roofing sheets. Also install new roofing is one of the most expensive home renovation improvements a homeowner will ever face.

There is a direct connection between quality and cost in most home improvement decisions. And in the case of roof installation, quality typically leads to durability. When it comes to a roof, it’s rarely a good idea to shop solely on price, particularly when a little extra money might get you a roof that lasts for as long as you own the home. A low-cost roof isn’t a good deal if it has to be patched after eight years.

When it comes to the durability of these common residential roofing products, you may be amazed.

About Single Skin Roofing Sheets

For the last 40 years, single skin roofing sheet metal products have played a significant role in the design of commercial buildings and will continue to do this in the future. Modern technology and design have enabled the use of some products in domestic environments since they look fantastic, are quick to install, and are relatively easy to work.

They’re not only powerful, compact, and long-lasting, but they’re also a quick and inexpensive way to coat a project in a variety of colors and, most importantly, custom sizes.

This can be useful on a low-pitched roof because it avoids the need to combine a series of shorter sheets and the many problems that can occur at the point where they converge. While all Box Profiled Roofing Sheets appear to be identical, the sheet’s weight is one of the most critical considerations when choosing a product. This is determined by the gauge, as well as the number of profiles across the sheet and the thickness of the profiles. The more profiles are available and the deeper they are, the thicker the layer is.

About Sandwich Panel Roofing Sheets

Dana is a well-known company when it comes to sandwich panel roofing sheet producers. The business was established in the United Arab Emirates. Roofing sheets/panels, wall panels, insulation panels, and cold storage doors are all manufactured by the company. It supplies in many countries, including India. Dana products are backed by a team of professionals. The sandwich panel roofing sheet is one of Dana’s products.

Dana’s sandwich panel is made up of two metal sheets that are relatively thin. The center is strong enough to meet roofing requirements while remaining lightweight. It is rigid enough in a direction parallel to the panel’s face.  The roofing is made of steel or aluminum and has steel or aluminum facings. Sandwich panel sheets from Dana come in a variety of thicknesses varying from 30 to 120 mm. They come in widths ranging from 1000 to 1200 mm. Each panel can be up to 15 meters long.

Roofing Sheets

Our sandwich panel sheets have an intrinsic advantage over traditional roofing panels due to their structure. They include:

  • High load-bearing capacity at a low weight.
  • Superior and long-lasting thermal insulation.
  • Complete water and vapor barrier.
  • Excellent airtightness and lack of thermal bridges, resulting in significant energy efficiency.
  • Surface completed facings with weather and hostile climate tolerance.
  • Capacity for fast erection without the need for lifting equipment; smoother installation in inclement weather.
  • In the event of injury, it is simple to fix and restore.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Reasonable fire response and resistance.
  • Long life and low maintenance costs.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to choose low-cost options when you’re faced with the imminent task of financing a new roof after the old one wears out. However, if you see the big picture, you can determine that more expensive roofing material is a better long-term investment. A good roof will make you wake up and take notice when it comes to buying a new home.

About Us

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Fence, Steel Coils, and Roofing Sheets supplies in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Sandwich Panels, Sheets, Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas.

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Roofing Sheet Supplier in Oman- Gi Steel Aluminum

Roofing Sheet Supplier in Oman – DANA STEEL

DANA STEEL Oman Branch is the largest Roofing Sheet Supplier in Oman.Our Branch in Oman is fully geared up to supply high quality Galvanized(GI),Prepainted Galvanized(PPGI),Prepainted Aluminum(PPAL) Single Skin Corrugated Profile Roofing Sheets for Various Projects in the Sultanate of Oman.


  • DANA SINGLE SKIN ROOFING SHEET PROFILES PROFILES :- DSS 32/250 / DSS 35/200 | DSS 45/250 | DSS 45/150 | DTP 42/205(tile profile)
  • MATERIAL FINISH:- Pre-painted(PP) finish in Aluminum(PPAL), Alu-zinc(PPGL) and GI steel(PPGI).Mill Finish(MF) is also available
  • THICKNESS RANGE:- Pre-painted(PP) finish in Aluminum(PPAL) – [0.30mm – 2.0mm], Alu-zinc(PPGL) – [0.30mm-0.90mm] and GI steel(PPGI) – [0.30mm-0.90mm] .Mill Finish(MF) is also available in all of the above

The Covering width of most of our Profile Sheets is 1000mm and our Roof / Floor Gi Decking profile 45/150 has a covering width of 900mm.

DANA STEEL’s widely used for Residential Use, Warehouses, Store rooms, Steel Hangars,Vehicle Parking, Garages, Camps for Labour, Educational Institution and also in Portable Cabins and PreFab houses.

We have the most competitive prices and timely delivery schedule in the market.Being ISO 9001:2008 Certified we ensure that our clients get the highest quality products delivered to their doorstep in time.

DANA supplies profiled sheets based on chosen customer parameters such as weight, strength, durability, surface finish and color[Col0r Shade RAL 9002(offwhite is the most common color always available in stock)].

Our dedicated staffs offer the best possible advice for your roofing profiled sheet requirement.


Contact our Oman branch 0096891781730 /whatsapp available/