DANA Steel’s standard  PEB steel structure of a building consists of primary rigid frames, end wall bearing frames, secondary structural members (Purlins & Girts) wall & roof sheeting and bracing components. It also consists of additional structural framing such as mezzanines, roof monitors, roof extensions, canopies, fascias, parapets, partitions and roof and wall framed openings, in addition to anchor bolts, connections, and fasteners.

  • Building length: For by-pass end walls the distance between the outside of wall girts in opposite end walls, for flush end walls, the distance between the outside flanges of end wall columns in opposite end walls. Building length is a combination of several bay lengths.
  • Building width: This is the distance between outside of girt/block wall one side wall to outside of girt girt/block wall of the outside wall.
  • End bay length: This is the distance from outside of the girt/block wall to the center line of the first interior frames columns.
  • Interior Bay length: This is the distance between the center lines of columns of the two adjacent main frames. The most common bay lengths used in warehouses are 6m, 7m, 8m, 10m up to 12m.
  • Building Height: It is the distance from the bottom of the main frame column base plate to the top outer point of the eave purlin.When columns are recessed or elevated from finished floor, eave height is the distance from finished floor level to top of eave purlin.
  • Roof Slope :This is the angle of the roof with respect to the horizontal. In metal building industry, the roof slope is generally represented as 0.5 or 1.0 in 10. The most common roof slopes are 0.5 in 10 and 1 in 10. Any practical roof slope is possible.
  • Design Loads:Unless otherwise specified DANA Steel’s PEB buildings are designed for the following minimum loads:Roof Live Load: 0.57 kN/m2
    Design Wind Speed: 140 km/h
  • Design for snow loads, earth quake loads, collateral loads, crane loads or any other loading condition, if required must be specified at the time of request for quotation.
  • Loads are applied in accordance with the latest American codes and standards applicable to PEB buildings unless otherwise requested at the time of request for quotation.

DANA Primary rigid frames

The most common primary framing systems are shown below, All the shown frames are symmetrical about the ridge line and multi-span /multi-gable framing. Framing with unequal modules are possible but may require more engineering time and possibly long delivery. The frames shown below are with bypass side wall girts, Flush side wall girts are most expensive and less practical options.