• Dana facilities are well equipped for producing Z- Purlins and C– Channels which are the secondary structural members used to support the roof sheeting and the wall cladding.
  • Besides being economical to use, the Z-Purlins and C-Channels provide excellent strength to weight ratio. The Z and C Channels are manufactured from galvanized coils conforming to ASTM – A 653, Grade D with minimum yield strength of 345 Mpa. The range of purlins produced by Dana varies in depth from 100mm to 450 mm and the related thickness varies up to 3mm thereby allowing them to cater to large spans of up to 12.0 m.
  • The flange widths, lip sizes and flange angles of the sections can be set to be manufactured based on individual client needs. The same is true of the anti-sag rods and connection fasteners as well as the Z and c channels which are customized in size to provide flexibility of  the connection to the main structure whether by utilizing the overlapped system or the sleeved system.

Benefits of DANA Purlins

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Economical
  • Can be used for large spans of up to 11m
  • Better quality and finish
  • Quick installation
  • Custom made to requirement