Sandwich Panels

Sandwich Panels are used majorly in facades , partition wall ceilings, architectural claddings , Container constructions, machine coverings, warehouses, power plants and other industrial and commercial places. The panels are also used in cold rooms and food industry construction. Sandwich Panels consists of two outer metal sheets (steel , aluminum or other) with stabilizing core of insulation sandwiched between them. The outer surface of the sheets can be flat, corrugated or any specific design.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Sheets of hot dipped galvanized steel or aluminum are rolled in roll forming machines to produce a linear corrugated pattern and are cut to required length. Then they are fixed on purlins by means of self-tapping screws. Different pitch and depth corrugation patterns can be made as per order.

Decking Sheets

Decking sheets are used as steel roof deck and floor deck. Floor decking sheets are manufactured by rolling machines using galvanized steel of thickness 0.70mm -1.50 mm. Floor decking sheet sticks very strongly into the concrete with strong rib and hence provide very strong structural platform.Roof Decking sheets provide excellent structural platform without need of purlin and framing underneath.Roof decking sheets can withstand various types of loads. Greater span are available up to 3.0 meters.

Z & C Purlins

Dana Z & C purlins are manufactured by automatic Purlin rolling machines in its facility at Ajman , U.A.E .Roofing sheets are fixed on purlins using screws. The range of purlins manufactured by Dana varies in depth from 100mm to 450mm and thickness up to 3.0 mm thereby allowing purlins to cater to much larger spans of up to 12.0 meters.

Flashing & Trims

All flashings are manufactured from same material as wall and roof panels. Maximum length of flashings can be up to 3000mm.Flashing and trims along with accessories can be used for wide variety of panels, shingles and tiles.

DANA Accessories

Dana Accessories like cladding screws , Aluminium Pop Rivets , Butyl Strips , Purlin Tape , Screw Cap , Silicon sealants etc are also provided as per customer requirements.