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#1 Steel Solutions Provider | ISO 9001:2015 Certified



Furring channel, length/pc of 3000 mm(3 mtr)

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Furring channel, with a length of 3000 mm (3 meter), is an essential component in modern construction practices, particularly for suspended ceiling systems. This specialized channel, typically made from galvanized steel, serves as a structural support for attaching drywall or other finishing materials. Its 3000 mm length is advantageous as it allows for longer spans and reduces the number of necessary joints during installation. The furring channel’s design includes strategically placed holes that facilitate easy and secure attachment to overhead structures using screws or hangers. Moreover, its dimensions ensure compatibility with standard building regulations and industry requirements. Architects, engineers, and contractors value the furring channel due to its durability, stability, and ability to resist the loads imposed by finishing materials such as gypsum boards. Overall, this essential construction element enhances both aesthetics and functionality in various commercial and residential settings while guaranteeing reliable structural integrity.


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