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Crowd Control Barrier | High-Quality | Secure & Durable

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Crowd control barriers are temporary structures used to manage and direct large groups of people and maintain order during events, protests, or in various public spaces. They are often employed to ensure safety by preventing overcrowding and guiding pedestrian flow to avoid hazards. These barriers come in various forms, such as interlocking metal barriers, retractable belt posts, and plastic fencing, each suited to different environments and levels of crowd density.


Metal Crowd/Police Barrier. These specifications outline the dimensions and materials used for fabrication

– *Size*: 2500mm (width) x 1200mm (height)
– *Frame*: Made of 32 x 1.5mm thick metal
– *Inner Tube*: 16 x 1mm thick metal
– *Tube Pitch*: 150mm (distance between tubes)
– *Surface Finish*: Hot-dip galvanized (for corrosion resistance)
– *Barrier Finish*: Silver

Metal barriers, commonly used for outdoor events and concerts, are sturdy and can be linked to create long chains that resist pressure from crowds. Retractable belt posts are more suitable for indoor use, like in banks or airport queues, where the intention is to organize lines rather than to withstand a pushing crowd. Plastic barriers are lightweight and frequently used at sporting events or during roadwork to delineate paths for pedestrians.

The design of these barriers often includes features that ensure the safety and convenience of both attendees and security staff. For instance, they could have flat feet to minimize tripping hazards or be designed to create emergency exits. Crowd control barriers are crucial in facilitating the smooth operation of events and maintaining orderly movement of people, thereby preventing accidents and enabling a quicker response by emergency services if necessary.

Additional information

Dimensions 250 × 120 cm


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