Hot Rolled Steel (HR)

Hot rolling is a metal working process where large piece
hot-rolled-coilss of metal, such as slabs or billets, are heated above their temperature and then deformed between rollers to form thinner cross sections. Hot rolled products (commonly known as black steel) generally weld, bend, drill and form very easily and are the least expensive of steels.


Material  Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled,
Galvanized, Pre Painted  Galvanized Stainless Steel,
Thickness  0.3 mm to 15 mm
Width  Up to 2000 mm
Coil I.D.  450 mm – 800 mm
Max Coil Weight  25MT
Lenght  up to 6000 mm

Rail tracks, storage tanks, storage bins, tubes
& pipes, high-pressure gas cylinders, oil well
pipes, pipelines, bearing plates for buildings,
boilers, ship construction and other structural