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Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets is a carbon steel sheet covered with zinc on two sides by the ceaseless hot-plunge process.

The iron diffuses from the steel into the covering. The Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets surface has a non-radiant matte completion, a completion altogether different than the profoundly metallic appearance of the galvanized covering.

On occasion, the Galvanized covering may seem like uncoated virus-moved steel. One of the essential characteristics of the Galvanized covering is that the surface acknowledges paint promptly.


Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets


Galvanized Structural Steel Sheet As Per ASTM A653

Galvanized steel coils and sheets conforming to ASTM A653 CS & SS Grade standards are highly versatile and sought after in various industries due to their superior corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.  Their adherence to ASTM A653 standards ensures consistency in quality and performance, making them reliable choices for construction, automotive manufacturing, and other industrial applications where longevity and reliability are paramount. Overall, steel coils and sheets as per ASTM A653 CS & SS Grade represent a top-tier product offering that provides optimal protection against environmental wear and tear for critical components.

ASTM A653 covers hot-plunge zinc-covered (galvanized) or zinc-iron amalgam covered (galvannealed) steel in sheet, coils and cut lengths.

ASTM A653 Steel Galvanized Sheet is accessible in six metallurgical assignments, giving various degrees of formability and solidarity to the base sheet.

  1. ●Commercial steel(CS),
  2. ●Forming steel(FS),
  3. ●Deep drawing steel(DDS),
  4. ●Extra deep drawing steel(EDDS),
  5. ●Structural steel(SS),
  6. ●High strength low alloy steel(HSLA).


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