Cold Rolled Steel (CR)

After hot rolling and pickling, steel is cold rolled (below the re crystallization temperature) to a reduced thickness. This is then followed by annealing in a closed atmosphere of nitrogen or other non-oxidizing gases thereby relieving stress, increasing strength and ductility. It also improves the surface finish and holds tighter tolerances.

DANA Steel UAE offers cold rolled coils from a variety of origins and mills, suitable for many applications in general industry such as automotive industry, domestic appliances, metal furnitures, manufacturers of tubes and small profiles, construction components .Our Dedicated Coil Service Centers in Dubai & Ajman UAE offer slitting/cut-to-length/perforation/custom fabrication facilities. We are also exporting to Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Jordan and other neighboring Gulf/GCC countries.
Cold Rolled Sheet is manufactured from hot rolled coils by pickling to remove the surface oxide produced during the hot rolling stage, and cold reducing through a Cold Mill to the desired thickness.Cold reducing steel produces an extremely low ductility product. It’s usually processed further to develop desired end use characteristics such as formability, surface texture, flatness.
  • Cold Rolled Coil / Sheet / Slit
    Specifications of CRCA(Annealed -Continuous(CA)/Batch(BA)) / CRFH (Full hard)
  • Cold Rolled Sheet/Coils/ Slits Coils Grade as per JIS G3141 [SPCC-SD,SPCD-SD,SPCEN-SD] | EN 10130 [DC01,DC02,DC03,DC04] | DIN 1623 [St 12,St 13,St 14] | ASTM A 1008:2013 [CS type A-B-C,DS type A-B,DDS,EDDS]
  • Quality :- Full hard (CRFH) or Soft Annealed ( CRCA)
  • Origin: India / China / Taiwan / Korea
  • Thickness: .20 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Width: 400mm – 1500mm
  • Coil Wt. 5 – 20 MT.

Applications :- Furniture,Steel barrels,Containers,Precision tubes,Computer casing, white goods

CRFH is mainly use for re-rolling, coating(galvanizing) purposes.



Material  CRFH /CRCA
Thickness  0.1 mm to 1.50 mm
Width  Up to 1500 mm
Coil I.D.  450 mm – 800 mm
Max Coil Weight  20MT

Typical uses for Cold Rolled Steel would include furniture, motorcycle exhaust pipes, computer cabinets, home appliances, shelving, lighting fixtures, tubing, steel drums, metal enclosures and many more.