DANA Steel’s High Quality Chain Link Fence Solutions are Specially Designed to Withstand The Tough Environment & Maintain the Safety & Security of the Fencing Parameter.

DANA Chain link fence is made by twisting wires together to form spiral shape which is flattened. It is because of this design chain link or wire link fence are also called cyclone fences or diamond mesh fences. We follow the process of twisting the wire continuously spirally around the blades and winds when it reached the far end of the fence then the wire is cut. The entire fence is moved up when the wires are spirally pressed during the second cycle. This process is repeated again creating a overlap at the end of every wire spiral twisting. The specific design elements of a chain link fence make is suitable for high security Fencing requirements.

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Raw materials used for our chain link fence
– BS4102 and hot dip galvanized to BSEN10244 from (40-350 grams/Sq. meter) or
– PVC coated steel wire
These material makes the chain link fence last longer and withstand the harsh climate of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah.

Color Shade of Chain Link fence
– Standard popular color across the Middle East is dark green RAL 6005 but this can be customized according to the needs of our clients.

Chain link Fence Supplier in AUe Dubai Ajman Sharjah Abu Dhabi

Standard Specifications of DANA Chain Link Fence are :-

Standard Fence Height 2.5 mtr
Fabrication & supply of pvc coated gi chain link fence as per
below specification.
Pvc coated gi chain link fencing 2.2/3.2 mm mesh size
Fence color Ral 6005
Fence height 2.5 meter with mesh size 50 mm x 50 mm
LINE WIRE :- 3.05 mm \ 4.05 mm diameter 5 rows Top row with double wire
STIRRUP WIRE :- 2.50 mm \ 3.5 mm diameter
TIE WIRE :- 1.80mm /2.60 mm diameter
Stretcher bar 2.5 cm x 5 mm
INTERMEDIATE POST 48.30 MM OD (2.5 MM Wall Thickness)Mild Steel ERW pipe Every 3 meters cc.
STRAINING POST 48.30 OD MM OD (2.5MM Wall Thickness) Mild Steel ERW pipe Every 69 meters cc.
HORIZONTAL SUPPORT MADE OF 48 OD (2.5 MM Wall Thickness)Mild Steel ERW pipe Every 69 meters cc.
CORNER POST 60 OD (2.5MM THK.) ms pipe Every corner.
Foundation Size :- 70x35x35 Every 3 mtr cc.


The Above Specifications of Standard Chain Link Fence can be further modified as per client requirements to add additional supports like Barbed Wires , Razor wires for Added Security of the Perimter Fence.

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