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Roofing Sheets Solutions Comparison – Single Skin Roofing Sheet Vs Insulated Sandwich Panels

Apart from major remodeling projects such as renovating a kitchen or bathroom with roofing sheets. Also install new roofing is one of the most expensive home renovation improvements a homeowner will ever face.

There is a direct connection between quality and cost in most home improvement decisions. And in the case of roof installation, quality typically leads to durability. When it comes to a roof, it’s rarely a good idea to shop solely on price, particularly when a little extra money might get you a roof that lasts for as long as you own the home. A low-cost roof isn’t a good deal if it has to be patched after eight years.

When it comes to the durability of these common residential roofing products, you may be amazed.

About Single Skin Roofing Sheets

For the last 40 years, single skin roofing sheet metal products have played a significant role in the design of commercial buildings and will continue to do this in the future. Modern technology and design have enabled the use of some products in domestic environments since they look fantastic, are quick to install, and are relatively easy to work.

They’re not only powerful, compact, and long-lasting, but they’re also a quick and inexpensive way to coat a project in a variety of colors and, most importantly, custom sizes.

This can be useful on a low-pitched roof because it avoids the need to combine a series of shorter sheets and the many problems that can occur at the point where they converge. While all Box Profiled Roofing Sheets appear to be identical, the sheet’s weight is one of the most critical considerations when choosing a product. This is determined by the gauge, as well as the number of profiles across the sheet and the thickness of the profiles. The more profiles are available and the deeper they are, the thicker the layer is.

About Sandwich Panel Roofing Sheets

Dana is a well-known company when it comes to sandwich panel roofing sheet producers. The business was established in the United Arab Emirates. Roofing sheets/panels, wall panels, insulation panels, and cold storage doors are all manufactured by the company. It supplies in many countries, including India. Dana products are backed by a team of professionals. The sandwich panel roofing sheet is one of Dana’s products.

Dana’s sandwich panel is made up of two metal sheets that are relatively thin. The center is strong enough to meet roofing requirements while remaining lightweight. It is rigid enough in a direction parallel to the panel’s face.  The roofing is made of steel or aluminum and has steel or aluminum facings. Sandwich panel sheets from Dana come in a variety of thicknesses varying from 30 to 120 mm. They come in widths ranging from 1000 to 1200 mm. Each panel can be up to 15 meters long.

Roofing Sheets

Our sandwich panel sheets have an intrinsic advantage over traditional roofing panels due to their structure. They include:

  • High load-bearing capacity at a low weight.
  • Superior and long-lasting thermal insulation.
  • Complete water and vapor barrier.
  • Excellent airtightness and lack of thermal bridges, resulting in significant energy efficiency.
  • Surface completed facings with weather and hostile climate tolerance.
  • Capacity for fast erection without the need for lifting equipment; smoother installation in inclement weather.
  • In the event of injury, it is simple to fix and restore.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Reasonable fire response and resistance.
  • Long life and low maintenance costs.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to choose low-cost options when you’re faced with the imminent task of financing a new roof after the old one wears out. However, if you see the big picture, you can determine that more expensive roofing material is a better long-term investment. A good roof will make you wake up and take notice when it comes to buying a new home.

About Us

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Fence, Steel Coils, and Roofing Sheets supplies in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Sandwich Panels, Sheets, Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas.

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Where to install Single Skin Corrugated Roofing Sheets?

Single Corrugated Roofing Sheets are an excellent option for a wide range of roofing applications. They are very long-lasting, hygienic, and robust, and can provide insulation for decades without needing to be replaced. Metal roofing sheets can be used in a number of ways in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. This is to provide a sturdy roof for the home, whether for a DIY project or for building construction.

Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Below are some examples of the types of structures where roofing sheets can be installed:

Agricultural Areas

If you need roofing for farm structures, look no further than Dana Steel UAE’s roofing sheets. Since we can supply you with a range of color choices and finishes, our sheets can provide full aesthetic flexibility. These color options can help the building blend in with its surroundings, which is ideal for a rural environment.


A roofing sheet can be a perfect option for all your roofing requirements, whether you own a company or have a hobby workshop at the house. These sheets have insulation properties due to their durability and ability to sustain harsh weather conditions which allows you to save money on your heating costs.

Metal roofing sheets will have outstanding insulation and stay stable without being affected by the weather, while tiles will crumble and negatively affect with time.


Do you want a stable roofing solution that is both safe and effective? The Roofing sheets will provide you with anything you require to keep your horses safe and secure. Roofing sheets are perfect for those trying to save money in the long term because roof replacement can be a costly business. The sheets are designed to last a long time and have excellent security, meaning you won’t have to repair them for years once they’ve been fitted.

Roofing sheets are also a minimal option to maintain, which may increase the cost of a roof. Roofs that leak can cause internal damage and extra costs, but roofing sheets need less upkeep and can survive even the extremely harsh climatic conditions.

Units and Factories

Roofing sheets are an excellent option for massive structures such as warehouses. Their high energy production would assist in keeping these big, drafty structures warm while lowering heating costs. Your factories will be clean and secure from the elements for up to 60 years without any need for maintenance or repairs because of their durability.

Garages in the Home

Corrugated Roofing sheets could be just what you’re looking for if you have a garage that needs a new roof or if you’re looking to build one. They are quick to mount, long-lasting, and also provide sufficient weather security for your vehicle and storage objects, keeping them clean and safe.

Sheds and Summer Houses

A summer house or shed is a perfect way to do something unique and create something that will make your garden infinitely more fun for those looking for a DIY project to get stuck into. Consider using roofing sheets instead of tiles on your summer house or shed roof. The sheets will shield the roof from the rain, retain ventilation inside the building and look fantastic.

While roofing sheet is simple to fit, Dana Steel UAE (a division of Dana Group) believe that having them fitted by an expert will lower the risk of failures and guarantee that the lifespan of the roof is greatly increased.

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Custom Size Foundation Concrete Blocks For Fencing, Posts, And Sign Boards

At Dana Steel UAE, A Concrete Block is a ‘Building Block’ manufactures entirely by concrete under the fencing division. It is then bonded together with mortar to form an imposing long-lasting structure. These building blocks may be ‘Hollow’ or ‘Solid’ constructed either of ordinary or lightweight concrete in various standardized sizes, depending on specific requirements.

These blocks are sometimes applied as a steel unit for walls, posts, fences, sign boards, partition or walls of panels. These are used in places in which bricks and stones of sufficient quality and strength are not commonly available for stemming but which are very easily accessible.

Concrete Block

Types of Concrete Blocks

These concrete type blocks are also categorized as:

  1. Solid Concrete Blocks

Most often than solids, Hollow concrete blocks are used because:

• Minimize weight overall and are also easier to carry.

• It can be addressed and improved, but also easily fulfils challenging structural needs.

  1. Hollow Concrete Blocks

Owing to its extra weight, solid concrete blocks are exceptional in their everyday use. They call for special criteria, needs and requirements, such as higher fire resistance, when sound absorption is a criterion, or when it is necessary to be impenetrable.

Concrete Blocks

Concrete Block Advantages

-Cost-effective relative to other construction material types.

-Lightweight, which is very useful in a job where heavy manual labor is necessary.

-It is also useful to support the cost of power bills as heat- or cold insulation type.

-This is a lasting concrete block, since it is resistant to termites and temperature, in a contrast to wood.

-Versatile: Can use from backyards, partition walls, or even soundproof rooms in a variety of different ways.


The measurements are the length, width, and height of blocks. The nominal dimensions of concrete blocks refer to the term “nominal”. It also refers to measurements that include mortar joint thickening.

The Standard sizes are 600 mm L x 400 mm W x 200 mm H and 500mm L x 400 mm W x 200 mm H. But Dana Steel UAE also undertake special sizes of blocks up to 1000 mm L x 1000mm W x 1000mm (i.e. 1 meter) H.

Others appear to vary greatly because of the contractual arrangement between the buyer and the supplier other than the above described size of the Concrete Block.

Concrete Foundation Blocks

Various Uses of Concrete Blocks

Fences for Security

If you want an easy but efficient means of protecting the location, concrete blocks are great barriers to protection. All of them can be works without requiring to hire guards for various form of special events and buildings.


The concrete block is the ideal material for the construction of walls of retention. It will remove some elements, such as water or unwanted landscape, from areas of your house. In general, its light weight and extremely durable makes it particularly good for the retention of the walls. This combination gives construction workers a much easier job while maintaining a high-quality structure.

Signboards and Posts

The concrete block is a very flexible product, as we have already mentioned. There are countless chances to do what you can do with the signs or posts. This building material provides a great vehicle to accomplish such projects, whether you want a safety board, promotion or advertisement board.

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How Would You Get Benefit From The Best Marketing Construction Signage?

The best way to advertise your company on-site can be a construction signage. You may use it to take an audience recruiting and selecting of construction services.

But you need to build the signboard to have the end result before you can start working for you. We will cover from the beginning to the end what you need to know about the plan.

What is a Signboard for Construction Site?

These products you might also know as the signs for the workplace.

Dana Signage

In general, wherever you are going to work, or where your services are needed, you can use them. You can put them on your workplace, on the sidewalk or at the border like a barrier.

Most signage companies can manufacture the signs from durable materials, such as wood, on which graphics or pattern of your choice are printed.


This strong and durable structure allows you to switch around and use it on different sites repeatedly.

Consider this item for a long-term investment. For example, all types of companies will benefit from these signs includes:

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Painting
  • Interior decorator
  • Home remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Painting


Public spaces are typically of high traffic. Every day hundreds, maybe even thousands of people travel by and around. This advertising space would be a waste, not to profit from it.

Benefits of Construction Signage

But how do you make your company public?

It will first help you obtain recommendations from those who work on the site or any user or customer who visits the site. The best thing is that they undoubtedly will be people who have an experience in building industry contractors.

Secondly, the passers-by will catch their eyes. Any time you see a new construction site, people are generally intrigued. So it’s not going to be difficult to catch their eye. You can broaden the perceptions further than your own industry with a branded sign and gain wider exposure.

Therefore, a construction sign may be used to cover many bases in one go. But it can have a certain other consequences as well as all of this. A well-mounted construction signage has found several companies that can help you cover the nasty features on a working site. It can help in general to explain what can be a relatively unattractive atmosphere instead.


The sign can also be called a board of information. It’s an extremely minor effort to communicate with whom the platform is, how long it takes, and so on.

More importantly, the safety requirements set by relevant authorities such as OSHA and ANSI must be complied with all construction sites.

One smart use of the signage is to complement other specialized signs by offering a few simple safety details. You may use it, for example, to remind everyone of this building and caution. Every little bit can help when it comes to protection.

Marketing Part

The design of unique signage like a signboard can be a great step to your business growth. You can create new clients, build leadership, and inspire people to try out your services with some clever design tricks and marketing secrets. But you must understand that it’s a step when you plan to launch a marketing campaign. It is not just a question of ordering one signage to promote any company. You should instead include the signs in a much broader marketing campaign.

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Fence, Steel Coils, and Signage in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Uae. We supply in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas

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Are PVC Plastic Fencing Good?

PVC is a polyvinyl chloride-basis material, typically maintenance-effective, and will not break into the plastic. It comes with many patterns and even wood-like patterns. It has great texture. In certain cases, the installation cost goes high as it can deform or harm in harsh weather conditions, but for a lot of people, it is mutually incompatible with this sheet.

Boundaries are definitely an integral aspect of a good relation. This may sound paradoxical, but it is true – boundaries actually can be restricted, since our own particular territories may allow us to see what belongs to us, what belongs to others and thus encourage us to understand each other. The same applies to your neighbors – even to the friendliest neighbors, you want nice, safe limits. You need a good fence and that means choosing sturdy, robust and lovely PVC fencing for many homeowners.


Advantages of Choosing PVC Fencing:

Modern Look, Clean

Although it might be a strange thing to consider a fence to “attract,” it’s because everything matters when you take a trendy and creative approach to interior design. In fact, everything matters. Instead of rougher and harder looks of wood and other conventional fencing choices, PVC fencing tends to look good, clean, nearly polished. Furthermore, a new PVC enclosure will separate your home from the ones of your neighbors.

Strong with Durability

Whilst wood fences can look rough and gritty, their resilience and reliability is quite a different matter. Simple old wood is subject to all kinds of weather problems, particularly water that can leave the wooden fence worn down or simply rotten due to ample time and exposure. Vinyl does not absorb moisture in the same way, however, and can remain stronger for a long time in colder weather. Furthermore, vinyl is only a stronger material than wood, and vinyl fences can be easily installed and it is easier to select the material that is the perfect for your fence.

pvc fencing

Maintenance Free

Vinyl is not merely a “cleaner,” but is also easier to clean than plain wood. Anyone with the enviable task of washing a wooden fence of muck, grime, and graffiti knows what it can be. The sleekness of a PVC fence, by comparison, makes keeping clean and unclean so much simpler. Since they are corrosions, scratching, peeling, yellowing and cracking resistant, they are practically free of maintenance.

Who Can Take Advantage of Vinyl Fencing?

In industrial and residential applications, vinyl fencing may be used. If you are looking to fence your courtyard, you can choose a variety of styles and colors from decorating or privacy fences. Companies who have to close an area can choose the exact style for their requirements. The Vinyl Fencing can also be used to build Horse Farms & Stables Fence to create an appealing and safe way to hold the animals in.

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Fence, Steel Coils, and Sheets supplies in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas.

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January 2021:- Dr. B.S. Dana, MD and Chairman of Dana Group, Honoured Among the Top 30 Indian Business Leaders By Forbes Magazine.

Dr. Birbal Singh Dana, Chairman, and MD of DANA GROUP recognize as TOP 30 Indian Business Leaders 2021 at Forbes Middle East. Forbes Middle East List is a well-known source of industry rankings all across the world. It is indeed an honor for all of us at the DANA group, as our Chairman & Founder, Dr. Birbal Singh Dana got position for Forbes Middle East Magazine among the TOP 30 Indian Business Leaders of 2021. Dr. Dana has been a top Indian leader in the Forbes Middle East over the past years, and each year his rank is increasing.

Top 30 leaders

Top 30 indian business leaders in middle east

Visit –

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The drywall partitioning system from Dana is a system of metal partition composed of ceiling, studs, and tracks. The partitions of Dana Stud & Track are light, unloaded and responsive on site. The measures are cost-effective for any form of commercial, leisure, industrial, and residential development.

By combining, they form a frame that is designed to accommodate single and double-density gypsum wallboards. Dana Stud and Track is available in different widths when fitted with a gypsum board. It has a high wall. Studs can also be joined together from a box when an even more power for the complete drywall partition is needed.

The unit weight of Dana Stud and Track is much less than the conventional unit of comparable thickness to effectively save structural architecture. The section also allows for service inclusion while building. Our partitioning Stud & Track is completely compliant with our furring section ceiling. Studs have a knurled face that helps the wallboard to penetrate with straight screws when connected to drywalls and this allows the builder to finish the drywalls with less effort and time. In domestic and commercial structures from Dana Steel factory, the metal partitioning systems Stud and Track can be used as solid walls.


Metal Stud Track


Our manufacturing process guarantees the consistency and strength of all Stud and Track parts and accessories. Both tracks have been tested or checked for BS 476 or E-119 fire resistance standards.

Drywall Partitioning – Top and Floor Track fixation

The raw of fixings, with a max center of 600mm must be securely fitted to the ceiling & floor track. If the concrete or screened floor is newly fitted, the installation of the damp proof layer between the surface of the floor and the track portion should be considered. If the wall is wide and it needs to be wider than 3600mm, two studs can be entangled to create a box section.

Stud 2 Board layers max. 50 mm and 4200mm in height

Stud 2 Board layers max. 70mm and 4800mm in height

Similarly, a box of two studs will have a wall height of 7200mm when accessing.

Stud 2 146mm Board layers up to 10500 mm in height.


Studs GI Metal Framing Track Partition Supplier UAE


It is necessary, when studs are sealed, that only one stud thickness is inside the floor and the ceiling. Studs should be cut to match the floor track and end on the roof track while the other one fits into the roof track and ends on the top of the ground track.

With the wall cavity up to a full diameter of 25 mm, electric lines and pipes can be conveniently accommodated. Additional support may be appropriate for heavy installations such as bathrooms and sanitary fittings.

Doors Openings for Drywall Partitioning

The designers should take into account the thickness tolerance of the form of partitions with respect to the proposed Door Frame Specification. The head consists of a segment of track on either side that is fastened to studs. Where additional supply for heavy door settings is needed, the studs can be sled with the necessary track section of the gauge.

About Us

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Studs, Track, Furring, Structurals, Fence, Deck, Steel Coils, and Sheets supplies in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas.

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Chain Link And Wire Mesh and Their Applications

Chain link mesh fencing is a fencing method used to protect a border beyond an opaque wall, which has many benefits. A galvanized/PVC coated wire that runs through a machine to shape a zig-zag pattern that makes the next zig-zag wire design to sew and form a pair. Such pairs link with each other to multiply to make a frame like a metal wall that can bring you many benefits by feature.


Chain Link Fencing

Wire Mesh Crowd Protection Barrier Fence


A chain-link fence looks like a linear wire formed into a diamond shape. As per your requirement, this chain-link made to the appropriate height and length is tied to firm fencing posts. It can retain the chain link in place to form an opaque wall. As a cost-cutting option, a chain-link fence is often chosen.

Applications of chain link fencing

In both residential and industrial areas, there are a number of applications of fencing. Few common uses for chain link mesh fencing are below:

  1. Defining Borders

Although a strong privacy fence will do a good job of providing safety, most individuals prefer to install a chain-link fence because it offers both security and restrictions and helps homeowners to see through it as well. A wire fence does not obstruct the view at all which is the primary reason most people want to have it. So, the kids will stay in the yard with the chain link fence without parents worried about running away. This gives a great sense of safety.


Chain Link Mesh Fencing To Define Border

Chain Link Mesh Fencing To Define Border


  1. Containing humans and pets

Chain link mesh fencing is a great choice for securing anyone, whether you have children or pets. You can build it around your full yard so that the pets and kids have free control. Chain link fencing may also be used as an animal containment to form a small kennel.

  1. Giving Security

A chain link covered with wire fences is a good way to ensure the best security, whether it is any kind of property. In order to enhance the home’s protection, property owners can add vinyl slats or privacy mesh through it. It enables owners to enjoy all the benefits of a fence within the yard. No one can watch them. For this purpose, all types of properties can use the chain-link mesh fence method.

  1. Sports Areas

See how much wire mesh is in the baseball or football field whenever you go next time. For a number of reasons, sports fields and other related areas use chain link mesh fencing. When you sell tickets for sports, it helps distinguish non-paying customers from paying ones. It is also very helpful to design the various areas in order to keep the player areas excluding the seating areas.

  1. Facilities for high security

Chain link fencing is typically the first line of protection in high-security areas. It acts as a signal to let people understand that unauthorized access is not accessible to a certain part of the facility. And when someone takes the time to try and jump or break through the fence, it provides a lot more time for security forces to catch them.

  1. Industrial Areas and Factories

There is always a number of places in industries and factories which are dangerous to walk around in. Therefore these buildings use chain link barriers to control entries, somewhat like sports facilities. It helps deter employees from going to areas where they do not work in the factory/industrial area and keep trespassers out altogether.

DANA Steel based in UAE (Division of Dana Groups) is the greatest maker and stockiest of Fence, Steel Coils, and Sheets supplies in the whole Middle East covering the U.A.E and GCC area. We supply Chain Link Mesh Fencing to UAE (Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Rak, UAQ, and Al Ain), Oman (Salah, Muscat, Ibri, Sohar), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and other Middle East areas.

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Different Types of Steels Used for Various Applications


At DANA we aspire to be the most reliable and innovative world steels reference on the market. We strive to supply and produce high quality steels to satisfy our customers by using the latest technology at reasonable prices.


Here are our 6 different types of steel that we supply:




Galvanized steel:


Hot-dip galvanized steel is produced by passing cold-rolled steel to fully cover it with zinc in a 460° molten bath to protect it from corrosion. The zinc acts as a protective barrier against the steel. When the steel is removed from the zinc bath, several layers of zinc-iron alloys have formed on its surface on which the entrained zinc solidifies.


The zinc will therefore have this protective function in order to combat corrosion.



Galvanized steel is used as a roofing material for roofs, side walls but also for false ceilings, steel buildings, automotive components, water heaters and coolers, chimney or plumbing ducts and much more.



The advantages of using galvanized steel are numerous such as


  • Corrosion resistance
  • Excellent handling and paint adhesion
  • Its protection
  • Its low cost
  • Its lifespan
  • Aesthetics


DANA STEEL manufactures hot-dip galvanized steel coils (GI coils) according to the main international standards established by ASTM, JIS, EN. All our products are subjected to the most rigorous quality tests in our in-house laboratory in accordance with our ISO 9001: 2015 standard. We ensure that we meet and exceed the specifications defined by various international standards.




Cold-rolled steel


Cold-rolled steel is manufactured by passing the steel through a number of cold rolls. As it passes through the rolls the steel decreases in thickness.

Cold-rolled steel is generally harder and stronger than standard hot-rolled steel.



Cold-rolled steel is mainly used in machine parts, household appliances, metal furniture, exhaust pipes, water heaters and even in the automotive industry.




The advantages of using cold-rolled steel are many, such as :


  • High strength
  • Long-term durability
  • More precise applications
  • Aesthetics



DANA Steel holds a leading position in the cold rolling sector in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East as a whole. The available technology guarantees high quality products for critical applications in the automotive, white goods (household appliances), construction, etc. sectors. Our CRCA products are available with deep drawing, deep drawing, interstitial free steel and high strength grades according to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) EN (European Standards) and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) standards.








Aluzinc steels


Aluzinc is a product-coated carbon steel sheet prepared in a bath of 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. Aluzinc offers excellent corrosion resistance due to the protective barrier of aluminium and the sacrificial protection of zinc.





Aluzinc is known to be used for ovens, cabinets or even electrical controls and roofs, garage doors.





  • Very good corrosion resistance.
  • Its surface hardness gives us a very good resistance to abrasion.









Pre-painted aluminium



Prepainted aluminium is coil coating which is a continuous and highly automated industrial process for coating metal prior to treatment/forming. Coil coating provides beautiful top coats, durable surfaces and a high quality finish.



Prepainted aluminum is used for roofing systems, ceiling systems, curtain wall panels, shutters, gutters, composite panels, cans, appliance panels and embossed aluminum coils.



Pre-painted aluminium has many advantages indeed this last one is



  • Economic
  • Techniques
  • Environmental
  • Production
  • Commercial










Corrugated sheets





Corrugated sheet is a building material marketed in the form of metal plates made of steel sheets that we produce ourselves hot and cold-rolled to give them a corrugated profile.




Corrugated sheet is often used for roofs but also for other things like airplane fuselages.



Corrugated sheet metal has many advantages such as for example :


  • Its solidity which allows to support the weight of several people
  • Its capacity for shock resistance which is very important.
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Its affordable price
  • Its watertightness









Prepainted galvanized steel



Dana’s pre-painted galvanized steels are manufactured to meet the technical requirements of various industrial applications of pre-painted galvanized steel in terms of flexibility, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, surface hardness and scratch resistance.

It is lacquered using a variety of processes that protect the steel and its galvanization from corrosion and external chemical attack.





Prepainted galvanized steels are widely used in the building industry.





  • Its flexibility, which allows it to be used with other layers
  • Possibility to superimpose different types on the steel surface.
  • Its protection against corrosion and other
  • -Reasonable cost
  • Recyclable material
  • Aesthetic aspect


















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Pre-painted Aluminum Coils & Sheets Manufacturer in UAE

Pre-painted Aluminum Coils & Sheets

Aluminum erosion obstruction is generally excellent in untreated aluminum. Untreated aluminum has awesome erosion obstruction in many conditions.

This is principally on the grounds that aluminum suddenly frames a slight yet viable oxide layer that prevents further oxidation.

Pre-painted Aluminum joins the metal’s enemy of destructive properties alongside a layer of further paint insurance giving the lightweight metal a more drawn out life expectancy and a dynamic look.


Pre-painted Aluminum Coils & Sheets Manufacturer

DANA Steel manufactures pre-painted aluminum coils and sheets expected for wide use.

These items are most normally connected in the development business for assembling rooftops, façades, boards, roofs, and sun security components.DANA UAE GI_GALVANIZED_PPGI_PREPAINTED_GALVANIZED_ALUZINC_COILS_SHEETS_MIN

They can likewise be connected for assembling family unit machines, transport vehicles, traffic signs, and enlistment plates, promoting blurbs, and so on.

Another best in class shading line that encourages the shading of aluminum and steel coils and sheets has been built.

The DANA Steel preferred position lies in its high caliber achieved by methods for the best mechanical arrangements, an abnormal state of robotization and stringent tidiness gauges agreed to by all workers that work the shading line.


About Dana Steel

Dana Steel based in Dubai is the greatest maker and stockiest of Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in whole Middle east covering U.A.E and GCC area. Steel coils are supplied in the steel distribution center in Ajman and Al Quoz arranged in U.A.E.