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Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets as per ASTM A653 CS & SS Grade

Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets is a carbon steel sheet covered with zinc on two sides by the ceaseless hot-plunge process.

The iron diffuses from the steel into the covering. The Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets surface has a non-radiant matte completion, a completion altogether different than the profoundly metallic appearance of the galvanized covering.

On occasion, the Galvanized covering may seem like uncoated virus-moved steel. One of the essential characteristics of the Galvanized covering is that the surface acknowledges paint promptly.


Galvanized Steel Coils Sheets


Galvanized Structural Steel Sheet As Per ASTM A653

Galvanized steel coils and sheets conforming to ASTM A653 CS & SS Grade standards are highly versatile and sought after in various industries due to their superior corrosion resistance, strength, and durability.  Their adherence to ASTM A653 standards ensures consistency in quality and performance, making them reliable choices for construction, automotive manufacturing, and other industrial applications where longevity and reliability are paramount. Overall, steel coils and sheets as per ASTM A653 CS & SS Grade represent a top-tier product offering that provides optimal protection against environmental wear and tear for critical components.

ASTM A653 covers hot-plunge zinc-covered (galvanized) or zinc-iron amalgam covered (galvannealed) steel in sheet, coils and cut lengths.

ASTM A653 Steel Galvanized Sheet is accessible in six metallurgical assignments, giving various degrees of formability and solidarity to the base sheet.

  1. ●Commercial steel(CS),
  2. ●Forming steel(FS),
  3. ●Deep drawing steel(DDS),
  4. ●Extra deep drawing steel(EDDS),
  5. ●Structural steel(SS),
  6. ●High strength low alloy steel(HSLA).


Dana Steel based in Dubai is the greatest maker and stockiest of Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in whole Middle east covering U.A.E and GCC area.

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Fire Rated Rockwool Insulated Sandwich Panels in UAE

Rockwool Insulated Sandwich Panels comprise of two external metal sheets (steel or aluminum) with a protection center sandwiched between them, reinforced with particular specialized adhesives.

The superb exhibition of stone fleece protection is usually received for fire-obstruction and commotion decrease in structures.

Sandwich panels are broadly utilized in business and modern steel building development for outside dividers, rooftops, and roof panels. As the item is pre-created in the industrial facility, stone fleece center sandwich panels have been utilized effectively utilized in different quick track development ventures.



Rockwool Insulated Sandwich panels

Rockwool or mineral wool panels are sandwich panels whose sheets are associated solidly with Rockwool protection.

These panels are subsequently exceptionally versatile composite panels that have both burden-bearing and protecting capacities.

The panel’s protection is made of around 95 – 99 % liquid shake and dismantled into strings to acquire a sinewy structure. The strands are uniformly distributed to guarantee that the shear quality is kept steady.


Rockwool as fire protection and insulation

Rockwool boards are utilized in areas where fire protection prerequisites are required. The Rockwool boards can be introduced either as an inner/outer firewall, suspended roof and as a rooftop structure.

These boards can be laid vertically and on a level plane because of its end joints. These boards can likewise be utilized for basic insulation of existing str



Dana Steel conveys finally minute Rockwool boards (A-grade creation and B-grade surplus stock) for sound insulation and fire protection.


Dana Steel based in Dubai is the greatest maker and stockiest of Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in whole Middle east covering U.A.E and GCC area. Steel coils are supplied in the steel distribution center in Ajman and Al Quoz arranged in U.A.E.

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Galvanized Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in UAE, Dana Steel

Galvanized Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in UAE, Dana Steel based in Dubai is the greatest maker and stockiest of Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in the  Middle east covering the U.A.E and GCC area. Steel coils are supplied in the steel distribution center in Ajman and Al Quoz arranged in U.A.E.

A large load of steel coils permit Dana steel for brief conveyance and furthermore in meeting rising client prerequisites for steel coils, steel sheets and steel cuts in U.A.E.




Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier

Hot plunged excited steel is created by passing virus moved steel through a liquid shower of Zinc at temperatures around 460oC.

The Zinc goes about as a physical obstruction between the air and the outside of the metal. Further, because of its lower compound potential than iron.

It is assaulted and broke up first, along these lines offering predominant consumption obstruction. DANA Steel UAE with its a base camp in Dubai, Manufacturing Facility(CRM Complex) at Dubai Industrial City.



Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier

Our Continuous Galvanizing Line ( CGL) has the condition of-workmanship Dual-Pot System which is equipped for manufacturing Galvanized(GI) and Aluzinc(AZ) coils.

We are Dana Steel a division of dana group we provide Galvanized Steel Coils and Sheets Supplier in UAE.

It is additionally having online NOF innovation alongside Online SKIN PASS MILL ( SPM) and Tension Leveller(TL) to create the most noteworthy nature of stirred and aluzinc coils in different spangles(regular, minimize, zero) and zinc coatings.

DANA Steel manufacture of steel sheets ,steel coils , steel channels , lintels , studs , tracks , channels, u channel , z direct based in u.a.e and supplies in Africa , center east and GCC districts – Saudi Arabia , Yemen , Syria , Egypt , Qatar , Oman , Iraq , Iran , Egypt , Afghanistan , Pakistan , u.a.e , Africa , Libya , Nigeria, Gambia , Uganda , Kenya.



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Steel Aluminum Fencing Hoarding Panels For Construction Site

Steel aluminum fencing hoarding panels are a crucial component for ensuring safety and security at construction sites. These panels provide a durable and sturdy barrier that prevents unauthorized access, protects valuable equipment and materials, and helps to maintain a neat and organized site appearance. The high-quality steel aluminum construction of these panels offers superior strength and longevity, making them ideal for long-term use in demanding construction environments. Their modular design allows for easy installation and reconfiguration to accommodate changing site layouts or project requirements. Additionally, the sleek finish of these panels gives a professional look that enhances the overall image of the construction site. Overall, investing in steel aluminum fencing hoarding panels is essential for maintaining safety, security, and professionalism on any construction project.

Steel Aluminum Fencing

Steel Aluminum Fencing Hoarding Panels For Construction Site, DANA STEEL offers complete construction site Steel Aluminum  fencing solutions across UAE (Dubai,Ajman,Sharjah,Abu Dhabi,Ras Al Khaimah,Fujairah) and our products are also exported to OMAN,BAHRAIN,KUWAIT,SAUDI ARABIA and Other Arab & African Countries.

Our Steel Fencing Panels are available in standard sizes of 2.0mtr x 2.20 mtr in RAL 9002( offwhite color) complete with fixing accessories and back support pipe.These are easy to transport,assemble and install at the site and can be uninstalled once the site work is completed.

We Also Do custom Steel/ Aluminum Fence Fabrication as per Customer requirement ( i.e thickness , size , length,width can be customized as per customer requirement). Also unique solutions such as Concrete Barricade Shield Mesh, Continuous Non-Tresspass fence and other various Client specific fencing Solutions are provided.

Concrete Barrier Top Corrugated Steel Sheet Fence

Call now :- 00971507983153 / 0097142217273

Email :- /

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Gi Coils GI Sheets and Slitted GI Galvanized in Dubai UAE SAUDI KUWAIT BAHRAIN

GI Coils / Sheets / Slitted Galvanized Coils Manufacturer Based in DUBAI UAE – DANA STEEL

DANA Steel Industry LLC is amongst the largest manufacturers of High Quality GI STEEL COILS/SHEETS/SLITS in the Middle East. With it’s manufacturing facility located in Dubai UAE ( Dubai Industrial City) and Head Quarters in Dubai, our Annual Manufacturing Capacity in tonnage is 250,000 MT.

GI sheets are Steel sheets that are coated with a layer of zinc, to ensure that they don’t get rusted. They  are made by precision cutting to length of GI Coils in highly automated cut-to-length machines. Gi Slits are made by precision slitting lines which slit the galvanized(gi) mother coils into further smaller slits as per client requirement.We can slit up to a minimum of 36 mm in our precision Slitting Line.

DANA STEEL – Galvanized Protection at its best

The zinc coating is used because it has greater electronegativity. The High Purity Zinc provides cathodic protection. It also provides additional benefits such as –

  • Protection against chipping on the surface.
  • Adding Shine to the appearance
  • Increased life of End Product

The Range Manufactured by us is :–>

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coils

  • Specifications :- ASTM A653 ,JIS G3302 , DX51D
  • Quality :- Lock Forming quality,Commercial Quality, Structural Quality
  • Thickness :- 0.30mm – 2.0mm
  • Width :- 650mm – 1350mm
  • Coil Weight :- 4 MT – 15 MT
  • Coil ID :- 508mm / 610mm
  • Spangle :- Zero spangle,Minimal Spangle, Regular Spangle
  • Zinc Coating :-90 GSM to 350 GSM (ASTM coating designator – G30,G40,G60,G80,G90)
  • We can also provide in Steel Sheets in Max. Lengths up to 4000mm or in Slits ( 36mm minimum)
  • Logo Marking :- Can be Provided

gi coils manufacturer in middle east dubai gi coils dx51d uae gi coils astma653 manufacturer gi coils made in uae


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Temporary Fencing Steel Aluminum Shinko Hoarding Panel Supplier Dubai UAE

Temporary Fencing Supplier in Dubai – DANA STEEL UAE []

Est 2001, DANA Steel is the largest supplier of high quality Steel/Aluminum Temporary fencing Panels in Dubai UAE.

DANA Steel UAE fabricates Steel fencing and aluminum fencing panels in various metal finishes and materials . Steel fence panels in GI , HDG , Powder coated form are available . Fencing corrugated sheets an be of any color as per customers requirements :- White(RAL 9002) , blue( RAL 5012) , Red , Grey(RAL 7031) or any other RAL Color.

DANA Steel has three manufacturing units in Ajman , Umm AL Quwain and Al Quoz Dubai . Our Factory undertakes production of corrugated sheets , panels , profiles , roofing sheets , fencing panels ,and also has a dedicated installation team working on the installation of barricade fencing panels for construction Sites all across the UAE.

The Standard DANA Temporary Fencing Panels specifications are as below :–>

  • Size :- 2.0mtr x 2.2 mtr
  • Top & Bottom GI U Channel – 40mm x 40mm x 1.0mm
  • Profile Corrugated Steel/Aluminum Sheet – 0.40mm
  • Color – offwhite RAL 9002
  • Foundation Block Size :- 500mmx  400mm x 200mm

Send your inquiries on / or call /whatsapp+971-50-7983153 for most competitive pricing.



  • Fence Supplier in UAE,Dubai Fence Contractor,Temporary Site Fencing,Construction Site fencing,Hoarding Fence,Perimeter Fencing supplier in UAE
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Z Purlins Floor Decking Sheet PEB Steel UAE Supplier – DANA

DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRY LLC ( Est. 2001 is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Manufacturer of high quality steel building solutions in the UAE.We are exporting our products to Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia.

CALL NOW FOR ATTRACTIVE PRICES :- 00971-50-7983153( Mr Ankur) / 00971-4-2217273

DANA Z Purlins are manufactured equivalent to METSEC specifications as per structural quality grade ( 50) or (80) on client request.DANA Channel sections, with or without flange stiffeners, are usually referenced as C shapes;
DANA UAE Channel sections without flange stiffeners are also referenced as U shapes;
Point symmetric sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shapes.

Section designations can be regional and even specific to a manufacturer. In steel building construction, secondary members such as purlins (roof) and grits (wall) are frequently C, Z or U sections, (or mill rolled) C sections.

Cold formed members can be efficient on a weight basis relative to mill rolled sections for secondary member applications. Additionally, Z sections can be nested for transportation bundling and, on the building, lapped at the supports to develop a structurally efficient continuous beam across multiple supports.

We have these specifications and we can also serve according to our customer’s requirements.
Z & C Purlin Specification: ASTM A653.
Galvanized Steel Coil: Grade 50, SS340, Minimum YS 400 MPA, TS 450 MPA, Regular/Zero Spangle.
Thickness: 1.5 mm to 3.5 mm
Origin: Korea, India, Saudi Arabia.

DANA Composite decking sheets[DSD 75/305] are available in Galvanized/Galvalume Steel /Prepainted Galvanized Steel,Grade 50[Min 340 Mpa] & Grade 80 steel[Min 550 Mpa].

Metal Type : GI , Alu Zinc or other on request. ASTM A653 for GI and ASTM A 792 for Alu Zinc . For Aluminum Profile sheet , thick aloy A3105 -H16 Temper .

Painting / Coating : 20 micron coat on weathering side , 5/7 micron primer on reverse

Type of painting available: PVDF , Silicon , Modified Polyester , Platisol and ARS coating .Painting is baked regular



decking_gi_sheet_floor_dana_45-150          sandwich_panels_uae_dubai_sharjah_manufacturer_dana_steel_saudi_qatar-bahrain

grp_skylight_transluscent_roof_sheet_uae         img_20161211_090848

sandwich_panels_uae_steel_aluminum_roof_wall_puf_supplier          walkin_freezer_cold_room_store_puf_panels_uae

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Single Skin Profile Roofing Sheet Corrugated Trapezoidal Manufacturer Supplier – DUBAI – DANA STEEL

DANA STEEL PROCESSING INDUSTRY LLC  ( Est. 2001 is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified manufacturer of high quality roof & wall cladding material in the UAE.With 4 branches across UAE in Dubai, Ajman & UAQ and Head Office Centrally Situated in Dubai ,we are the largest manufacturer of high quality steel building manufacturers.

We provide complete turnkey Design,Engineering,Supply & Erection services for our valuable clients.Right from making material selection to shop drawing submission,BOQ submission, supply & erection, we provide complete 360 degree services to our clients in UAE,QATAR,OMAN,BAHRAIN,SAUDI ARABIA,KUWAIT and neighboring Gulf & GCC Countries.

CALL NOW :- Mr Ankur Singh (00971-50-7983153) /whatsapp available/

Email :- /

img_20161211_090848      clading

oxide_red_corrugated_fencing_sheet_uae_manufacturer      45

dtp_42_205_pic     dsd_75_305_decking

Corrugated_profile_perforated Sheet     decking_gi_sheet_floor_dana_45-150

DANA offers a wide variety of high quality building materials and construction supplies to satisfy the ever growing needs of the industry. Our experienced team is fully equipped and are experts in advising the customers on optimum utilization of products. We constantly strive to establish and maintain a mutually beneficial long term relationship with our customers. 

DANA Steel’s profile sheets are made from a wide choice of best quality raw materials. Some of the material finishes provided by DANA are :-


  • Aluminium(Al): – Mill finish or Prepainted in thickness range of 0.40mm – 2.00 mm
  • Galvanized(GI):- Mill finish or Prepainted in thickness range of 0.30mm – 0.90mm
  • Galvalume/Aluzinc(AZ):- Mill finish or Pre-painted in thickness range of 0.30mm – 0.90mm

We are offering dana steel profiles and cladding sheets
profile metal sheets are offered in various finishes as per customer’s requirements . Some of finishes provided are :-
1. Aluminum profile sheet – mill finish
2.aluminum polyester coated profile sheet
3.aluminum pvdf coated
4.Gi profile sheet – gi mill finish profile sheet
5.Gi polyester coated profile sheet
6.Alu- zinc alloy profile sheet

Our Corrugated Profiles are :–>

  • DSS 35/200 ( 1000mm covering width)
  • DSS 45/250 ( 1000mm covering width)
  • DSS 30/255 ( 1020mm covering width
  • DSS 45/150 ( 900mm covering width)
  • DTP 42/205


We offer Single Skin Profile sheets, Sandwich panels ( Insulated Panels), Z & C  Purlins, Decking sheets, Flashings and Gutter, Fixing accessories, Cold room accessories, Clean room construction materials, Insulation materials.