Normal units are in parenthesis

DANA Steel UAE manufactures high quality C- Purlins .DANA  purlin materials are with a light weight in order to confer to an effective and faster construction work. The C purlins are worth mentioning in this regard as they provide the best resistivity against rust and can be degraded with much ease. The C purlins are used for the framing of exterior portions of the wall. It is their alluring look for which they are being used as wall posts on large scale.

With our capacity to deliver huge quantities of purlins and cold-roll formed sections with very short lead times, DANA Steel  is a leading supplier to construction projects in UAE ,neighboring gulf countries (Qatar,Oman,Bahrain,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Kuwait) and African sub-continent. Our Purlins and cold-roll formed sections find application in a wide range of steel constructions, ranging from simple storage sheds to complex turbo-generator buildings in power plants.

Our Purlins have several advantages over conventional hot rolled sections:-
  • Light weight sections put minimal load on other structures / supports / foundations
  • Being factory-finished, they minimize wastage and installation time
  • Optimum sections meet exact design specifications
  • Very high strength to weight ratio
  • Cold forming increases yield strength and safety
  • Being supplied in a pre-punched condition and cut to sizes, DANA Steel’s  Purlins facilitate easy erection and minimize wastage / rework at the site
  • Being painted / galvanized, they are maintenance free
DANA Steel’s  Clientele Include Infrastructure Majors In The Fields Of:-
  • Power
  • Cement
  • Airport
  • Steel
  • Metallurgical
  • Automobile
  • Textile Sectors

Width/Height/Depth :- 70mm – 600mm

Thickness :- 1.0mm – 3.0mm

Lips :- ‘Zero’ Lip – 20mm

Flange :- 40mm – 150 mm

Lengths: purlins and girts are supplied cut to required lengths up to 12m. Lengths exceeding this can be supplied but are subjected to suitable transport and site handling arrangements

Fastening: Fastening of purlins and girts to cleats in normally by either M12 or M16 class 4.6 bolts.

Ordering Notation :-

202c15 ( 202mm depth and 1.5mm thikness)

The first three digits of section reference indicate the depth of the section in millimeters (ie: 202 equals 202mm depth). The fourth digit is a letter that signifies the profile type(i.e: Z for Z profile & C for C profile). The last two digits indicate the material thickness ( i.e: 25 equals 2.5mm).

  • Specification :-
  • ASTM A653 Grade 50/80 G90 (New ASTM Standard, Min Yield Strength 340Mpa for Grade 50,and 550 Mpa for Grade 80)
  • ASTM A446 Grade ‘D’ G90 (Old ASTM Standard, Min Yield Strength 340Mpa)
  • EN 10147 S350GD Z275 MAC


  • D =depth of section (in.)
  • A =flange width (in.)
  • C =length of lip (in.)
  • R =average bent radius (in.)
  • t =steel thickness (in.)
  • A =area of section (in.2)
  • C.G =centre of gravity
  • S.C =shear centre
  • lxx =moment of inertia about X-X axis (in.4)
  • Sxx =elastic section modulus about X-X axis (in.3)
  • rx = radius of gyration about about X-X axis (in.)
  • lyy =moment of inertia about Y-Y axis (in.4)
  • Syy =elastic section modulus about Y-Y axis (in.3)
  • ry =radius of gyration about about Y-Yaxis (in.)
  • x =distance from centre of web to centre of gravity (in.)
  • e =distance from centre of web to shear centre (in.)