Aluzinc / Galvalume Coated Steel Coils - Sheets

The following list contains specification references for products we can offer. DANA Steel UAE is one of the largest stockiest & supplier of Aluzinc coils/sheets.With it’s dedicated coil service centres in Dubai & Ajman, we are able to supply in coils/sheets/slits and perforated patterns.

Other Reference Standards are also included for your reference.

Applications : 

  • Construction : metallic ceilings, swimming pools, road signs, doors, structures/trims
  • Domestic appliances : casing of washing machines, refrigerators
  • Miscellaneous : air conditioners, reservoirs, gas pumps

Aluminium-zinc coating :

The composition of the coating is 55% aluminum, 43.4 % zinc and 1.6 % silicon. The coating is also applied  by means of a continuous hot dip galvanizing process. Aluzinc-zinc coating offer an excellent corrosion resistance resultant from the barrier effect of the aluminum on the surface and the sacrificial protection of zinc.

Applications :

  • Construction : roofing, composite panels, tiles ,sandwich panels
  • Domestic appliances : refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens
  • Miscellaneous : boiler casings, computer casings, air ducts
Type Applicable Standards Other Reference Standards
Quality Designations    ASTM A792
Coating Designations    ASTM A792           EN10215
Base Metal

Chemical composition

   ASTM A792
Mechanical Properties   ASTM A792           EN10215
Dimensional Tolerances   ASTM A792           EN10215
Surface Quality &


  ASTM A792           EN10215
Coating Bend Test   ASTM A792           EN10215
Suggested Minimum
Inside Radii for Cold
  ASTM A792
Other Tolerances   ASTM A792           EN10215
Conversion Factor b/w
Coating Weight and
  ASTM A792
ASTM A792 - 97

Steel Sheet, 55% Aluminum-Zinc Alloy-Coated by the Hot-dip Process.

  • Quality Designations
  •  Commercial quality(CQ):  Material intended for applications where material is subjected to bending or moderate forming.
  • Lock-forming quality(LFQ):  Material intended for applications where material is subjected to machine lock forming.
  • Structural (physical) quality(SQ):  Material intended for applications where mechanical properties are specified or required. Such properties or values include those indicated by tension, hardness, or other commonly accepted mechanical tests.
  • High-temperature quality:  Material intended for applications subjected to high temperatures. The high-temperature quality will resist oxidation and scaling while avoiding base metal embrittlement.

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