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          Corrugated           Mill Finish Aluminum Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Insulation Specification

  • Thermal Conductivity Value : Amount of heat (W) passing through a material having surface of 1 M2 and thickness 1 M in order to rise temperature by 1oC . Units are W/m K
  • K value (Insulation Value) : Thermal conductivity divided by thickness of the material [ W / m2 K]
  • U value (Total Insulation Value) : Also known as Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient determined by the insulation value of the various materials forming the panel . [ W / m2 K ] , KCal/m2 h oC , BTU/ F t2 h oF
On Continuous System   Density K value
   Polyisocyanurate   (PIR) 40-45 Kg/m3 0.022 w/m2K

Please note : Lower the K value , better is insulation capability

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam Properties

  • Mechanical Characteristic of Foam
 Density  40-45 kg/m3 (as per BSEN 1602:1997)
 Tensile Stress  Greater than 100 kpa (as per BSEN 1608:1997)
 Compression Resistance  Greater than 100 kpa (as per ASTM C165 :2000)
 Shear Resistance  >100 kpa (as per ASTM 271/271M)
 Fire Property   B2/ B3 as per DIN 4102-1
  • Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (U) Value -W/m2 K
 Thickness in mm   35    40    50    60   75   100
Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (U)  0.67  0.60  0.47  0.40   0.31   0.24