DANA Sandwich Panels

  • Sandwich Panels are used majorly in facades , partition wall ceilings, architectural claddings , Container constructions, machine coverings, warehouses, power plants and other industrial and commercial places. The panels are also used in cold rooms and food industry construction.
    Sandwich Panels consists of two outer metacapturel sheets (steel , aluminum or other) with stabilizing core of insulation sandwiched between them.The outer surface of the sheet can be flat(microribbed/plain), corrugated or any specific design.Insulating material can be Polyurethane(PUF), Poly-isocyanurate(PIR), Rock Wool . These panels are manufactured inside DANA STEEL Factory in U.A.E by injecting Polyurethane/PIR/Rockwool insulation core. Our Fully automated Continuous laminator is more than 150 mtrs long and is capable of manufacturing upto 10,000 sq mtrs in one shift of production. We are headquartered in DUBAI (UAE) and have manufacturing facilities in Dubai,Ajman & UAQ. We have ISO 9001:2015 & Civil Defense Certification for our products.
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Highlights of DANA Insulated Sandwich Panels

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DANA Sandwich Panels are manufactured in automatic sandwich panel press with Polyurethane foam injection.Combination of wide variety of facing materials, surface patterns and insulations offer the customers a wide choice of panels to choose from.

Surface Finish Types Top & Bottom Sheet Material Types Insulation Types
            Plain         Pre-Painted Aluminum  Polyurethane(PUR)
       Corrugated         Mill Finish Aluminum Polyisocyanurate(PIR)
  Pre-Painted Galvanized Steel Mineral Wool/ Rockwool
  Mill Finish Galvanized Steel Expanded Polystyrene(EPS)
       Pre Painted AluZinc
       Mill Finish AluZinc
Specification Of Top & Bottom Profile Sheet Material
Aluminum  Grade A3105 H 16 in mill finish or pre-painted
Galvanized Iron sheets ( GI)  ASTM A653 or other equivalent standards like JIS 3302 , EN 10326 /10327 , IS 277 with Zinc Coating G60 -180gms/m2 or G90 – 275 gms/m2
 Galvanized Iron sheets ( GI)  ASTM A792 with Coating AZ60-AZ180
Combinations of Top Skin and Liner
Top Skin Liner
 GI Mill Finish  GI Mill Finish
 GI Polyester Coated  GI Polyester Coated
 GI PVDF Coated  GI PVDF Coated
 Aluminum Mill Finish  Aluminum Mill Finish
 Aluminum Polyester Coated  Aluminum Polyester Coated
 Aluminum PVDF Coated  Aluminum PVDF Coated
 Alu-Zinc alloy coated steel mill finish  Alu-Zinc alloy coated steel mill finish
 Alu-Zinc alloy coated steel PVDF coated  Alu-Zinc alloy coated steel PVDF coated
 Aluminum Foil 0.05mm thick

Based on the Application we are Manufacturing 3 different Profiles of Roof Corrugated Sandwich Panels DCP 35/200,DCP 45/250 and DCP 45/150 ,details of which can be found on https://danasteeluae.com/roof-corrugated/ and For Wall/Flat Panel Applications we are manufacturing DFP,details of which can be found on https://danasteeluae.com/wall-flat-microribbed/